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We are a Section 8 company that works with Corporates, non-profits, governments, and academia to design, implement and assess programs that help address societal challenges. Our mission is to help bring about a net positive impact on the planet. We use digital and social innovation to help our clients and partners maximize their social impact.

We are registered under 12A/80G, carry an FCRA license, are NSDC partners, and have strong project execution capabilities. We align with the priorities of stakeholders and offer specific thematic interventions. Xxxxx was accorded "Special Consultative Status" with UN ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) for our work on addressing global goals. Our co-Founder, xxx, was identified as one of the top 101 most impactful CSR leaders by the World Federation of CSR Professionals. Our other co-Founder, xxx, is an ex-Microsoft, ex-TCS professional with an in-depth understanding of building and implementing technology solutions for social good.

Thematic CSR areas

We operate in the following thematic areas:



Tech4Good Programs

We have built technology solutions for several of our clients. Among these are the following:

Scholarship Management System (SMS) helps track, connect, and manage education programs and merit-based scholarships and tracks other parameters of over 10000 plus beneficiaries spread across 150 and more districts.

Fieldzilla is a comprehensive field tracking and collaboration application. The App helps track Geofencing and route planning, attendance tracking, task scheduling, live location,n and battery status, Document/photo upload, Offline/online availability of the application, Instant messaging, Customized surveys and questionnaires, and Dashboard views.

Learning Management System (LMS) is designed for teachers and students. It has the following features –

·        Create course content, topics, lessons, activities, and quizzes

·        Hybrid learning model for self-paced learning as well as online classes

·        Build and interact with the community

·        Digital report card for every student, including attendance and performance

·        Integration with Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp

·        Billing and Subscription

Digital Sustainability and CSR platform: We have developed digitally innovative dashboards that monitor and assess all initiatives to ensure maximum insight and impact. These dashboards track-

1.      Performance Management Service

2.      Real-time Dashboards

3.      Daily Project reports

4.      Intelligent recovery systems

5.      Cloud-based services

6.      Outcome Progress tracker

About Tata Steel – Jharia Coalmines

The Jharia Coalmines are spread across 5,500 acres. Six collieries provide coal to the Tata Steel Jamshedpur plant. The mines were awarded the Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award 2019 for environmental initiatives. The Company has adopted a company-wide Biodiversity Policy. It has developed Biodiversity Management Plans for all its mines and collieries. IUCN periodically assesses the progress made in these plans.

The underground coal mines are located at a distance of 2-3 kilometers from the Damodar River. The Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, is conducting a study to suggest measures to minimize the environmental impact of this mining. The Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) prepares an annual CSR plan after consultations with elected and senior members of the communities. 

Tata Steel is doing a lot to meet its social and environmental obligations in managing the Jharia Coal Mines. It has created water bodies, parks, and green areas in and around the mine catchment areas. The TSRDS has also undertaken multiple CSR initiatives for the betterment of the local communities.

Project Rationale

Tata Steel is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in production and through the product's life cycle. The Company is one of the first companies in India to have endorsed the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. It's Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer (ED & CFO) is a member of the Task Force.

A Center of Excellence for GHG reduction and mitigation was constituted to develop a climate change response roadmap and align expansion and growth plans to a low-carbon pathway.

The internal carbon pricing was increased from $15 to $40/ton CO2 in FY 21-22, with another revision plan due for FY 22-23. Tata Steel India aspires to achieve a CO2 emission intensity of 2tCO2/tcs by 2025 and <1.8 tCO2 by 2030.

Key Features of a Sustainable Development Plan

Jharia coal mines will play a role in helping achieve targets set by TATA Steel. With its comprehensive skills and capabilities, Xxxxx is well-positioned to look at all aspects of ESG. It proposes to develop a revised Sustainable Development Plan for Jharia Coal mines with the active collaboration of the communities, TSRDS, and technology dashboards to achieve these objectives.

  1. Environmental Protection: Minimizing impact on air, water, soil, and biodiversity
  2. Mine closure planning: Reclamation and restoration of the site after mining
  3. Energy efficiency: Using renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Water management: Conserving water resources and reducing water pollution
  5. Community engagement: Collaborating with local communities and addressing their needs
  6. Workplace safety: Implementing measures to ensure the safety and health of workers
  7. Mine waste management: Safe and effective disposal of waste, including tailings and coal, reject
  8. Biodiversity conservation: Protecting and preserving wildlife and ecosystems
  9. Resource conservation: Optimizing the use of resources and reducing waste.
  10. Continuous improvement: Regularly reviewing and updating the plan to ensure sustainability

Key Activities for the Project:

Below is a project plan to revise and prepare a Sustainable Development Plan. 



1.      ESG review report

2.      Eco-restoration program with implementation costs

3.      Community development program with implementation costs

4.      Monitoring Indicators and metrics

5.      Dashboard and App

Project Staffing and Cost

Staffing cost sheet

Eco-restoration and community development work costs will emerge once the revised program has been prepared and approved.

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